Formed initially in 1980, and in its current guise since March 1990, the Historic Army Aircraft Flight (HAAF) Trust has been allowed to maintain one example of each aircraft operated since the Army Air Corps (AAC) inception in 1957, in order to preserve the AAC’s aviation heritage.

The aircraft were initially supported partly by the Ministry of Defence, and partly by donations and income from air displays. Although the HAAF was administered by its own charitable company, MoD funding was withdrawn in 2013 and the flight was put into a state of ‘suspended animation’.

To ensure the aircraft remain airworthy and available, four of the aircraft (Beaver, Auster, Sioux and Scout) were transferred to the civil register, to help reduce maintenance servicing times and costs.

The HAAF is based at the Army Aviation Centre, Middle Wallop and operates out of a hangar close to the Army Flying Museum affording Army Aviation enthusiasts and visitors to the Museum the possibility of seeing a 2021 Apache and a 1961 Beaver airborne in the same afternoon!

The HAAF team and its supporters are volunteers and since the Flight is now entirely self-funded the future of the aircraft depends on public support, sponsors and donations.

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