The Honourable Company of Air Pilots

Incorporating Air Navigators

The AAC is affiliated with The Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

A Livery Company of the City of London, the Honourable Company of Air Pilots is a philanthropic membership organisation which represents and protects the interests and welfare of pilots and navigators and strives to encourage and assist all those (from any background) who wish to become a pilot.

To promote excellence and recognise commendable achievement in aviation, the Air Pilots presents trophies and other awards for outstanding performance by individuals or organisations. The prestigious Trophies and Awards Banquet takes place annually in Guildhall in October. Members of the AAC have been proud to recipients of such awards throughout our long association with the Air Pilots.

The purpose of the Company is:

  • To establish and maintain the highest standards of air safety through the promotion of good airmanship.

  • To maintain a liaison with all Authorities connected with licensing, training and legislation affecting pilot or navigator whether private, professional, civil or military.

  • To constitute a body of experienced airmen available for advice and consultation and to facilitate the exchange of information.

  • To assist air pilots and air navigators in need through the Benevolent Fund.

  • To promote the Company as an active Livery Company of the City of London.

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