Eagle Connect is for all veterans, serving members and family, with the purpose of increasing connection, reducing isolation and improving wellbeing.


    Maintain Army Air Corps community for all serving, veteran and family members by enabling connection and regular human engagement.


    Peer support, a range of social engagements and access to welfare resources at the heart of our community platform.


    A range of groups, resources or connections that may help you, whether in career decisions or over a shared interest.


    Like minded people from all generations, not just people you served with. A shared set of values and respect. 

The Eagle Connect Platform

What is different about Eagle Connect?

Our community has been spread out without one place for members and family to connect and engage: When you or your partner leave the Corps it is easy to become disconnected; Social media sites can be hard to control and often there is too much white noise. Regimental Headquarters use a CRM email system for outward communications but are restricted in their ability to connect one member to another or support large numbers of smaller social engagements; Often it is very difficult for isolated families, serving soldiers or veterans to search for and meet with other members of the Army Air Corps family in their town or county.

The Eagle Connect app and web-app platform offer a private space with a Pinboard to share photos, updates and digital Journals; private groups, events and chat to strengthen unit identity, build esprit de corps and support local activity; Member’s identity shows their cap-badge as well as any number of affiliated or antecedent regiments, with the ability to search by service dates, postings, location and industry; A Support Suite with over 650 selected support videos and a library of 250+ searchable support charities. All this can help to generate organic community growth and act as an all informed net for us all to access when we feel like it.

Once you are registered you can access a range of guides and tips to help you…