Army Aviation Now & Then

Army Aviation Now & Then

Army Aviation Now & Then

The Army Air Corps is an amalgamation of the Glider Pilot Regiment and the Air Observation Post Squadrons of the Royal Air Force.

The Glider Pilot Regiment, formed in 1942, was part of the first Army Air Corps which served with distinction during the War in North Africa, Sicily and NW Europe. It was run down after the War to one squadron and eventually disbanded in 1950. Many of the glider pilots, however, were retrained to pilot light aircraft and formed Light Liaison Flights to serve in the Air Observation Post Squadrons of the RAF. The Air Observation Post Squadrons were originally formed in the period 1940-42. They were RAF units with Royal Artillery pilots and RAF mechanics.

On 1st September 1957 the Air Observation Post Squadrons and the Light Liaison flights were formally amalgamated into a new Army Air Corps. The original badge of the Glider Pilot Regiment, slightly modified, was adopted. The Aircraft became Army property and the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers took over responsibility for the maintenance of all Army Air Corps aircraft.

Middle Wallop was originally an RAF station during WWII – home to Hurricane, Spitfire and Bristol Beaufighter squadrons. In 1957 it was transferred to the Army and has housed the Headquarters Army Air Corps and the Army Aviation Centre ever since.

History of the Army Air Corps 

Formed on the 1st September 1957, detailed below is a summary of AAC activity from multiple deployments and campaigns from across the globe since our inception. Click on the text to open up the window displaying the Army Air Corps role in each deployment.

Hong Kong

AAC in Hong Kong


AAC in Kenya


AAC in Borneo


AAC in Belize

Op BANNER - Northern Ireland

AAC in Northern Ireland

British Army Of the Rhine

AAC within the BAOR

British Army Training Unit Suffield - Canada

AAC in Canada

Op Corperate - Falklands War

AAC in the Falklands War 1982

Op GRANBY - Iraq

AAC in the first Gulf war


AAC in the Balkans

Op BARRAS - Sierra Leone

AAC in Sierra Leone

Op TELIC - Iraq

AAC in the second Gulf war

Op HERRICK - Afghanistan

657 Sqn - Through The Years

657 Sqn Operations

AAC in the Arctic

Information on AAC deployments to the Arctic Circle

Op CABRIT - Estonia

AAC deployments to Eastern Europe