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Scout XV139 Restoration Efforts

Scout XV139 Restoration Project

The South Yorkshire Air Museum is this year hosting an exhibit to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Falklands war.

The museum displayed numerous aircraft with links to the AAC but none more so than Westland Scout AH1 XV139, which served with 656 Sqn during the 1982 Falklands war. The aircraft participated in numerous battles during the conflict, but notably served during the battle of Mount Tumbledown. In atrocious conditions and at night, Capt Sam Drennan and crewman LCpl Jay Riggs supported the Scots Guard Battalion conducting the assault in XV139. Their main role during the battle was Casualty Evacuation, disregarding the weather and enemy fire the crew flew back multiple times to recover wounder personnel. In total, 45 servicemen were evacuated during the battle and for their heroism, Capt Drennan was awarded the DFC and LCpl Riggs received a Mention in Dispatches. 

XV139 returned to the UK in 1983 and after it was retired, became an instructional airframe at Yeovil College before moving to Wattisham to become part of what was hoped to become a museum. Sadly that did not materialise but luckily, the Scout was acquired by the SYAM and is now undergoing a restoration project.


XV139 Information Plaque
Scout Providing Troop Transport

Another Falklands helicopter on display is Gazelle XX411, operated by 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron. This aircraft was shot down by Argentinean troops on the 21st May with the sad loss of its pilot. XX411 was recovered to Middle Wallop in October 1982, where it underwent Battle Damage Repair. The Gazelle was handed over to the museum in 2002 after it was restored by 5 Regt AAC REME workshop, based out of FS Aldergrove. 

Other notable aircraft on display is Scout XP180 and a Bell UH-1H Iroquis, AE-406, more commonly known as a Huey. This helicopter was used during the Falklands war by the Argentinean Army and was captured after the surrender. This helicopter may potentially have been flown by AAC personnel post-war operating out of Goose Green and Port Stanley, prior to being shipped back to the UK later that year. 

There is a vast display of other aviation heritage at the South Yorkshire Air Museum, if you would like details about the museum or an update on the restoration project, follow this link South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum | Contact.

Bell UH-1H Captured during the Falklands War
Gazelle XX411 on display

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